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Ocean Freight

Ocean covers approximately 361,000,000 km2 and it is customarily divided into several principal oceans and smaller seas, with the ocean covering approximately 71% of Earth’s surface.

Ocean transport is provided through 926 ports in 109 countries around the world, which provide freight forwarding services between landlocked countries. Ocean transport plays a key role in world trade and it is the cheapest mode of transport. The container is divided into to two types of ownership in ocean transport. It is rent container and private ownership container. Also private containers can be shipped by any shipping company.

Mongolia is a landlocked country. Therefore, import and export goods are transported by railway, air and road through the seaports of neighboring countries such as China, Russia and Europe.

The nearest seaport to Mongolia to the port of  Xin Gang in Tianjin, China, which is directly connected to Mongolia’s Zamyn-Uud station by road and railway. There is an 1870 km railway from Xin Gang port to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 80-85% of Mongolia’s total export and imports are transported through the Chinese port of Xin Gang. Our company organizes import and export transportation by using this seaport.  Our company import and exports from all countries through the seaports of the following below countries:

Seaports of China:

  • Xin Gang port
  • Qingdao port
  • Shanghai port
  • Dalian port
  • Lianyungang port
  • Other ports

Seaports of Russia:

  • Vladivostok port
  • Vostochny port
  • Nakhodka port
  • Saint-Petersburg port
  • Other ports

Seaports of Europe:

  • Tallinn, Estonia port
  • Riga, Latvia port
  • Klaipeda, Latvian port
  • Gdansk, Polish
  • Prolog Solution LLC without reloading container to container by use the following below companies:

    • COSCO
    • One Line
    • Pacific International Lines /PIL/
    • Orient Overseas Container Line /OOCL/
    • CMA-CGM
    • Nor-Asia
    • Other

Depending on the freight features of your shipment, who can get the following below services by contacting our company:

  • Simple
  • Oversized
  • Reefer
  • Platform

We can provide with professional services from anywhere in the world by using above containers.

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