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Rail Freight

Prolog Solution LLC’s short-term organization of export, import and transit transportation by rail using the huge railway infrastructure connecting Europe and Asia is one of the company’s main activities.

 Rail transport is one of the most reliable means of transportation, and its advantage is that it can be arranged in any weather conditions.

It provides 90 mineral connections to reference companies.  The state effectively works to improve the communication and communication that connects the transport network.

  • Chinese railway
  • Russian Federation railway
  • Trans Asian railway
  • Trans European railway

We will allow you to choose from all types of freight railway based on your type of freight:

  • Half (container transport)
  • Full covered (used for transporting without damage in difficult weather conditions)
  • Platform (used for transporting products and materials that cannot fit to any of other container types mentioned so far)
  • Tank (used for liquid shipment)
  • Reefer (used for fresh fruits and vegetables and those requiring temperature control the most, such as meat, sea food, medicines, and drinks)
  • Heat insulation (use for fast deterioration)
  • Hopper (use for unit shipments, flour, rice, construction materials and minerals)

We also offer containers to suit your needs:

  • 40ft High container
  • 40ft General container
  • 20ft General container
  • 20ft and 40ft insulation and reefer container
  • 20ft and 40ft ISO container
  • 20ft and 40ft use for special container (Flat – Rack, Open Top, 45’HC) etc.

Our team will be happy professional and cooperation in offering you all the railway transportation services you need.

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